The 3rd Best Newsletter For Internet Marketers?

Actual marketing advice or WRITE-WING RHETORIC?

Hey there,

If you were expecting my link in bio, too bad.

Or maybe you thought you were going to get some kind of anecdotal and pompous LinkedIn resume explaining my wins and accomplishments over the course of 15 years selling things to strangers on the internet?

Not here, bud.

You're gonna get something far more useful.

Because if you just wanted to glance over my chops for whatever sinful reason and eavesdrop on the ole accolades...

...there are plenty of limp wristed "digital marketers" out there that will gladly bare it all on the couch for you by way of their sour milquetoast funnel services, Michael Bay action plans for your social media properties...

Or whatever other meaningless detritus that gets you nowhere.

(although I do love some Michael Bay explosions)

The world is full of these blue-haired, multi-gendered, agencies and freelancers that want nothing but a fat, greasy paycheck from you in exchange for their minimal-viable effort.

But in fact...

If your goal is to win over more cash-hoarding customers who are still driving their paid off Cadillacs and clenching to their money with a firm death-like grip...

Ask yourself this:

  • If you're a ronin internet marketer, what if you could spend less time building out your complicated funnel or split-testing dozens of affiliate offers and instead blindly put up a samurai sharpened "1-pager" that feeds you customer after customer and drops gobs of liquid cash into your bank account like a worn out ATM? (I have a few running of these 1-pagers in the menopause and astrology markets right now)

  • If you're a email copywriter, what if you could copy a series of emails swiped and inspired from Jordan Belfort's famed Wall Street brokerage, Stratton Oakmont, to do all your selling for you (or your clients) and run your entire freelancery debacles on autopilot where the only thing you have to worry about is not the emails you write, but how many clients you want to manage?

  • If you're a content creator, what if you could film 30 days worth of content in a single hour for all your social media properties and free up the rest of your month to live a life where the knee of YouTube isn't pressing on your neck for more and MORE content 5-7 times a week.

  • If you're a greenhorn internet marketer overly confused with all the courses and masterminds out there these days, what if you could break any crowded and wildly profitable market and get "discovered" without baring it all on the casting couch so you can expand your empire, or (if you wanted) craft a new affiliate arbitrage business from the ground up with a single sentence?

  • And if you just want to make your own info products to sell, but don't know how, and certainly don't want to publish an expert - for whatever that reason may be - check this out: What if you could mechanically assemble a simple product in 30 minutes, drop it on the internet, and use other people's products as your upsells (or even better, partner with a high-ticket offer owner and send them your rabid buyers)?

If that sounds at all interesting to you...

Then keep reading.

Because once you opt in below, you'll start receiving my daily emails on how to do all the above, including but not limited to...

  • How to incapacitate and execute your competition and steal their customers with a single "cluster bomb" click (if used properly, this technique can even be used for good to build a 7 or 8 figure business)

  • Why you need to stop fueling and feeding the LinkedIn Zombie hoard for basic jobs you do can yourself in 5 minutes (and know that your money isn't going to support their nasty drug fueled habits )

  • How you can easily and effortlessly do all your marketing and selling yourself - without adding more hours to your day or hiring a clueless college grad that fails at copying-n-pasting your instructions

  • Why a one-man business is better than a 12-man team.

  • The simple reason why you shouldn't work for anyone just because they try to bribe you some lame sort of "opportunity" and the one trick I've used to filter out these nonsensical morons (I guarantee no one else has ever done this... it's especially great for copywriters, service providers, and other marketing mercenaries with no street cred)

  • How to know when you're ready to FIRE your clients, ditch the hush-money retainers, and start throwing up as many 1-page offers like a fury of well-landed Tyson punches so you can finally tell 'em all to shove it!

I think you get the point that this newsletter isn't for everyone.

It's not for the faint of heart...

And it's not for the easily offended, thin skinned marketer who is second guessing their pronouns.

This newsletter is only for those committed to the Work.

The Work of charting your own route in an ocean of opportunities.

It's for those who want to break the chains... and live in world with no masters and no borders.

To those who fly the banner of "Royalties before Loyalties."

And to those intrepid few who live by the words ROAS before HOAS.

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